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Meaning of Namaste :
Swami Dayaanand Saraswati who re-introduced this greeting – Namaste said that it teaches us to recognize that the spark of the divinity - God –lives within our own bodies as well and if we really recognize this then we will never be able to cause harm or grievance to anyone including ourselves

By Pandita Jassodra Ragbirsingh


Maharishi Swami Dayanand Saraswati, founder of the Arya Samaj, appeared on the stage of Indian history at a very critical juncture. He saw the Aryan people divided; he saw them degraded; he found them slaves. He found that they had lost their souls, self-consciousness, self-confidence and self respect. Swami Dayanand's greatest desire then, was to unite the Aryan people on a common basis of the pristine Vedic religion.

His aim was to uplift them and make them free and respectable. This he achieved, when with the Vedas as the book of authority and the Arya Samaj as his band of workers, he began his mission of reform and reconstruction. The Arya Samaj movement was founded by Swami Dayanand Saraswati on the 10th of April, 1875 in Bombay, India.

The Arya Samaj was established in the first instance, for the good of the country and ultimately for the whole of humanity. The prime objective of this movement was doing good to the world to make physical, spiritual and social improvement of all mankind. This movement focussed a new light and like a flame began to burn to ashes the ignorance, blind faith and superstitious customs that had polluted the very vitals of Hindu society. It began to lay anew the true foundation of religion and divine knowledge. This spark brought about revolutionary changes in the religious, social and educational spheres.

Swami Dayanand's findings was while the world had much progressed in material matters, those fundamental laws have been lost sight off, on which the peace and prosperity of mankind is based. He strongly believed that the only way to bring people together in one common bond is for all to go back to the Vedas and this became his slogan ' “Back to the Vedas”. The Vedas formed the root of the organisation. Just as roots draw food to supply the plants so that they can grow and blossom, so too, the Vedas supply the Arya Samaj with the food in the form of knowledge for the Samaj to grow and blossom. In fact, the Vedas provide knowledge for the entire human race.

The Arya Samaj movement not only brought about enlightenment in India alone but also in places beyond the shores of India. The earliest efforts to establish the Arya Samaj movement in Trinidad were made by visiting missionaries. In 1914 there was the presence of Pandit Tiwari and Pandit Harripersad. In 1928, Pandit Mehta Jaimini, visited Trinidad as a Vedic missionary. In 1934, Pandit Ayodhya Prasad arrived in Trinidad to carry out the work of the Arya Samaj.

The Arya Samaj movement was incorporated by statute No.43 of 1943 as the Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Trinidad Incorporated for the purpose of carrying out educational, religious and charitable work. To this end, and not without struggle, nine Vedic schools were built. Our schools were also our mandirs and continue to serve as mandirs. It is where most of our religious functions and celebrations are held. It is at our Vedic schools that weekly religious service is held. We therefore must make every effort to keep our places of worship clean, sacred and pure.

The motto of the Arya Samaj is, “Krinvanto Vishwam Aryam”, meaning “Make the World Noble”.

Swamiji said that Aryans are men of noble qualities, actions and nature. Thus, the work of the Arya Samaj is to make the whole world noble. It is the society of noble persons propagating the eternal truths of the Vedas, to make the life of human beings more purposeful and full of peace and happiness.

Swamiji held ignorance to be the root cause of all miseries and so his aim was to convert this world into heaven, removing the causes of miseries. His desire was to plant the idea of peace and non-violence in every home, every family and in the heart of every man. Swamiji advised people to chant the gaayatri mantra, practice yoga and meditation. A disciplined life of meditation is the only way to peace and elevation of the soul to the path of liberation.

To successfully achieve the goals of the Arya Samaj, Swami Dayanand Saraswati formulated the ten principles to be guided by in our daily living. They are as follows:

1. God is the primary cause of all that is known through spiritual and physical sciences.

2. God is existent, intelligent and blissful. He is formless, omnipotent, just, kind, unborn, endless, unchangeable, beginning less, unequalled, the support of all, the Lord of all, omnipresent, immanent, un aging, immortal, fearless, eternal, holy and the Creator of the Universe. He alone should be communed with.

3. Veda is the scripture of all true knowledge. Reading, teaching, hearing and reciting the Veda is the first duty of all Aryans.

4. For accepting truth and rejecting falsehood, one should always be prepared.

5. All work should be done in keeping with righteousness. For example, after due reflection over right and wrong.

6. To do good to the whole world is the main object of this society. For example, to improve physically, spiritually and socially.

7. One should have dealings with all in accordance with love, law and propriety.

8. Dispelling ignorance and promoting knowledge should be done.

9. Nobody should remain content with his own prosperity, but the individual prosperity should be considered in the prosperity of all.

10. All men should be bound in the altruistic social rules and in every rule of welfare let all be free.

Let me take this opportunity to urge  you all to  live up to the legacy of Swami Dayanand Saraswati. In our quiet moments of reflection, may we as Arya Samajists, think about what we can do to contribute to the improvement and upliftment of our organisation – The Arya Pratinidhi Sabha of Trinidad.

That great soul struggled for us to enjoy a better life. What are we doing to show our gratitude to him? How close are we following the ten principles for our betterment, the betterment of our country and the betterment of the world at large?

In the practice of Dharma one should depend on Divine help and prayer and on one's own exertions, for, God never shows His favor to a man who is inactive and lazy. God showers His mercies on that man alone and on no other, who has a desire to perform the Dharma, exerts himself and has a yearning after God's grace, just as He makes him alone see who has got eyes and not him who is blind. God provides man with the means of doing a thing successfully even before he can have an occasion to use them. Man should take as much utility out of an object as it is capable of yielding, but at the same time he should possess a desire for the help of God.'





Aaj mil sab geet gaao us prabhu ke dhanyavaad

Jiska yash nit gaate hai gandharva guneejan dhanyavaad


Let us all assembled today give thanks to that Supreme Being,

Whose glory is sung daily by pious and learned and wise people.


Mandiro me kandiro me parvato ke shikhar par

Dete hai lagaataar sow sow baar munivar dhanyavaad

Aaj mil sab geet gaao us prabhu ke dhanyavaad


In mandirs, in caves, and on the tops of mountains,

the learned and wise ones shower gratitude on the Supreme Lord profusely.


Karte hai jangal me mangal paksheegan har shaakh par Paate hai aanand mil gaate hai svar bhar dhanyavaad Aaj mil sab geet gaao us prabhu ke dhanyavaad


On many a branch, even the birds make merry in the forests

and in full voice, give thanks to the Supreme Lord of this creation.


Kooe me taalaab me sindhu kee gahree dhaar me Prem-ras me tript ho karte hai jalchar dhanyavaad Aaj mil sab geet gaao us prabhu ke danyavaad



In wells and ponds, and even in the great depths

of rivers, the animals living in the waters too sing

in their contentment give thanks to the Supreme Being



Shaadiyo me, jalsayo me yajna owr utsov ke aadi

Meethe svar se chaahiye kare naaree nar sab dhanyavaad

Aaj mil sab geet gaao us prabhu ke dhanyavaad


And so should we all (human beings), too, in weddings, events,

 at yajnas and happy occasions in a sweet and melodious voice

express our gratitude to the Divine Being







Namaste sate te jagat kaaranaaya Namaste chite sarvalokaashrayaaya Namodvaita tattvaaya mukti pradaaya Namo brahmane vyaapine shaashvataaya



Salutations to You O Supreme One! Eternal Lord, Cause and Support of the Universe. Salutations to You, O Source of consciousness, Source of happiness and Giver of Bliss. Over and over again we salute You, O All- pervading One.



Tvamekam sharanyam tvamekam varenyam Tvamekam jagatpaalakam svaprakaasham Tvamekam jagat kartri paatri prahartri Tvamekam param nishchalam nirvikalpam



You alone are Our Protector and the Maintainer of the universe. You are Self-Effulgent. You alone are the Cause of, the Sustainer and the Dissolver of the universe. You are the Greatest of all, Unchangeable and Formless.



Bhayaanaam bhayam bheeshanam bheeshanaanaam Gatih praaninaam paavanam paavanaanaam Mahochchaih padaanaam niyantri tvamekam Pareshaam param rakshanam rakshanaanaam



You are feared by the fearless. You are the Ruler of rulers and the Highest of the high. You are the Protector of protectors, the Purity in the purest ones and the Way of all mankind.



Vayam tvaam smaraamo vayam tvaam bhajaamo Vayam tvaam jagat saakshiroopam namaamah Sadekam nidhaanam niraalambmeesham Bhavaam bhodhipotam sharanyam vrajaamah


You are always present in our minds. May we always study Your divine nature and may we adore You alone on the basis of the testimony of the manifest universe. You are the support of all but Yourself Self-supporting.

O Supreme One! You alone are Our Guide in the sea of life. May we realize




Na tasya kaschit patirasti loke

Na cheshitaa naiva cha tasya lingam

Sa kaaranam karnaadhipaadhipo

Na chaasya kaschit janitaa na chaadhipah



There is no one above You and no ruler greater than You. You are Formless and without an image. You are the Cause of all causes and You are unborn.



Tameeshvaraanaam paramam maheshvaram Tam devataanaam paramam hi devatam Patim pateenaam paramam parastaad Vidaam devam bhuvanesha meedyam



You are the Lord of all lords. Only You are worthy of contemplation and study by all great men. You are the Master of masters. O Ruler of the universe! May we always recount your attributes and think of You.



Tvameva maataa cha pitaa tvameva Tvameva bandhush cha sakhaa tvameva Tvameva vidyaa dravinam tvameva Tvameva sarvam mam deva deva



You alone are Our Mother and

You alone Our Father,

You alone are OurRelative and Our Greatest Friend. You alone are Our Wealth and Knowledge

You are our all in all, and our only Deva

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